Lenticular Finishing

The final steps in producing lenticular art hinge greatly on the quality of the actual lenticular lens. The combined effort of all the lenticular printing steps are finalized through the finishing process, but the overall quality will be a reflection of all of the previous elements involved with lenticular printing.

The first step in finishing the lenticular print often involves a finish to be applied on the lenticular image in order to prevent transparency. This is necessary for printing lenticular business cards, lenticular postcards, lenticular posters, lenticular bookmarks, and so on. The type of finish applied to the lenticular art depends on your desired results and makes all of the difference.

The quality and opacity of ink varies depending on the distributor, the amount of ink applied, and how many passes are used for the lenticular printing all come into play during the finishing stages. The number of hits the printer takes at the image will create a varied opacity as well as the range of movement that the image possesses. The backside of the lenticular image should be less colorful and simple to reduce the chances of it showing through the lenticular lens, and will sometimes need to be screened to prevent this.

The finish can be the difference between a vivid piece of lenticular art or a muddled mess. Make sure the company understands the process involved with finishing lenticular images and takes your input into consideration when finishing the product.