A spectacular, full-color Flip Image NotePad that fits in your pocket or purse.
Each Flip Image NotePad cover has two lenticular images. Cover flips from one image to an entirely different image - and back again. Imprint at the bottom of the cover appears at all times.
Choose from 9 stock covers.
Or create your own custom Flip Image NotePad...
Simply submit two images and we'll do the rest!


Each 3-D NotePad features a vivid, full-color layered 3-D image.
Extremely impressive and guaranteed to capture attention. Imprint at the bottom is "embedded" in the design.
Choose from 6 stock covers...
Or create your own custom 3-D NotePad.
(To create a custom NotePad check out the template page or call customer service.)
Click here to view template

Flip Lenticular Notepad 3d Lenticular Notepad


Finished Size: 3-1/2"w x 5-1/2"h - Spiral bound, lays flat.
Cover Material: 18 mil. 75 lpi lens
Inside: 50 lined sheets per NotePad
Imprint Area: 3"w x 1"h - Imprint is embedded in the design.
Imprint: Prices include logo artwork and/or typesetting up to 4 lines of copy.

Click here to view template

Personalized note pads from Lenticular Image Printing create a visually stimulating way to advertise your business at an affordable rate. The cover which is available in 9 stock cover designs or through submission of your own two images flips from image to the other and back. The stationary position of your business logo ensues that it is seen at all times for optimal advertising ability.

The eye catching effect of custom note pads creates an effective way of business promotion utilizing rich lenticular printing. Make sure that your logo and message are received the exact way of your choosing and that your message will be seen. The vivid eye-popping nature of customized note pads brand your business and project it in a light that shows creativity in advertising that will put your company above the rest.

Hand out the customized note pads to customers and clients alike and give them an item that will likely be frequently used as well as be noted for its extravagant appearance every time. Lenticular Image Printing is on the cutting edge of printing and guarantees the best in custom note pad printing and offers vivid full-color layered 3-d imaging. Personalized note pads also offer the capacity for 4 lines of copy which allow supplemental text to support you graphic image.

Simply submit your two images and text and leave the rest to Lenticular Image Printing. Get ahead in the advertising world and utilize inexpensive methods that will resonate within the minds of your customers. Distribution of custom note pads can be an easy way to advertise on a mass level. Personalized captivating images will break through the mundane advertisement which asphyxiates the business world. Your custom note pad will surely draw response from current customers and potential clients alike.

Lenticular Image Printing also offers custom bookmarks, business cards, buttons, magnets, and mouse pads to further enhance your advertising and give you creative solutions to the arduous task of breaking through the clutter and grabbing the attention of people who have little time to notice anything.