Anyone who uses the computer a lot knows exactly what is on their mouse pad. The great thing for you is that almost everyone could use a new or extra pad for their mouse to rest upon. Take advantage by offering your very own custom mouse pads personalized with your promotional message and reach people where it matters.

Reach your clients and customers where it matters using promotional mouse pads. Lenticular printing offers customized mouse pads for advertising purposes on a product that is common in almost every household. Use a photo mouse pad, promotional mouse pad, 3d mouse pad or any other printed mouse pad to reach a wide audience and spread your message widely and effectively.

Use our image printing technology to the headache of finding a design within a limited pool of mediocre art and graphics. Send in your own two images and let Lenticular Image Printing do the rest. We will print your two images in interlacing fashion and create a visually rich flip image that is sure to impress clients and customers alike. Ensure that your message is being seen and heard in the exact way that you had envisioned it.

Personalized mouse pads offer promotional ability that is sure to receive multiple views. By creating a fun mouse pad, you are seizing the opportunity to reach computer users who generally don't want to go out of their way to purchase a mouse pads. Make sure your message is the message that is being received by them every time they are at the computer. Mouse pads are one of those items that people seldom regard as an important object, yet they are found in every household and are seen on a constant basis, perhaps their ability to convey a message has been previously understated.

Think about your computer mouse pad, you can probably recall exactly what it looks like as well as every word written on it. Imagine what an effective technique for branding your business that mouse pad advertising could be using your businesses' photo with the cutting edge printing technology that lenticular printing has to offer. Our customized mouse pads are available in small and large quantities at low prices so that you have the ability to reach as many people as you feel necessary at a price that you can afford. With your unlimited creative ability waiting to unfold, lenticular 3d mouse pads are the perfect way to create a fun and effective way to promote your business.