Laminated Full Color Wallet Cards Laminated Full Color Calendar Cards
Laminated Full Color Wallet Cards Laminated Full Color Calendar Cards
Laminated 6 months calendar cards Laminated sports schedule cards

Use our customizable wallet cards to stuff new and used wallets alike and offer an advertisement that is sure to be seen multiple times. Imprint an image of your choosing on the front of the high quality laminated wallet card to ensure that your message is received. Lenticular image printing offers only the highest quality printed wallet cards featuring vivid colors and graphics that include the utmost detail. Laminated and printed on high quality stock cards, the wallet cards stand up to the harsh environments of nature as well as clients.

Give the wallet cards to customers and potential clients alike in order to brand your business, increase customer retention, and find a solution for inexpensive advertising. Offer a practical way of advertising by taking advantage of many 2-color designs imprinted on the back of the wallet card. Put a sport's schedule, calendar, or submit your own print to be displayed on the back. Help increase the chances that your wallet card will be saved and referred to more frequently.

Advertise all year or football season long with the practical back panels and enable distribution in mass quantities for an affordable price. The ability to customize your wallet card ensures that you are appealing to your target audience in a visually appealing fashion. By offering a product that is both practical and visually stunning, your advertising needs can be met effectively without excessive trips to the bank.

For other wallet card or other inexpensive and effective ways of advertising, check out the other products that Lenticular Image Printing has to offer. Woo your customers with holographic bookmarks, buttons, cards, mouse pads, and static clings that will stun the eyes of your customers and ensure that your message will not be soon forgotten. Other practical laminated items offered by Lenticular Image Printing include greeting card calendars, note pads, and other creative solutions to your business advertising needs.

View our lenticular printing products as well for more great wallet cards.