Lenticular Printers

Most lenticular printing companies have a close relationship with the brand of printer in which they are accustomed to. Here are some guidelines for companies interested in investing in a lenticular printer without having much lenticular printing experience.

Lenticular lenses are made of plastic, always. Therefore, it is conducive to lenticular printing to find a printer that is capable of printing well on plastic surface material. Lenticular plastic printers are generally UV or waterless and advertised as such. Lenticular printing has experienced breakthroughs in technology. In order to achieve prime results, the technology needs to be implemented. Lenticular printing is not a simple process, and the correct technology will be the difference between producing vivid, high quality images or blurry, shadowed monstrosities.

Lenticular printing is a process that is unique and requires specialization in both technique and equipment. The lenticular printer needs to be designated to the art of lenticular art, and should not be mixed with other forms of printing. The process is also much more complex than the images may suggest, much post-print work is required in order to produce a quality image. Make sure the company supplying your lenticular printer has experience with the process and is not simply an all-purpose printing company.